2003-37 The BOOMERANG at the Prater - Vienna (Austria).jpg #987 Old TOBOGGAN (closed) at the Prater - Vienna (Austria)Thumbnails#984 At the Prater - Vienna (Austria)
The "BOOMERANG" at the Prater (Wurstelprater amusement park), Vienna (Austria)

The Boomerang is a Vekoma shuttle roller coaster located at Wiener Prater in Vienna, Austria. It is best-known for being the only Boomerang
to not use shoulder straps. Boomerang opened in 1992 with Vekoma's trains. In 2007, the park replaced the original trains with new trains
featuring tiered seating, no sides, and only lapbar restraints. These days the train features a Formula One design, rushing at the racy speed of more than 85 km/h (53 mph) way up the 37-meter-high ramp like a rocket before it twists you upside down in a loop and swings on the second ramp.

The Prater is a large public park in Vienna's 2nd district (Leopoldstadt). The Wurstelprater amusement park,
often simply called "Prater", stands in one corner of the Wiener Prater and includes the Wiener Riesenrad.
Matthijs van Wageningen
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