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#942 Dye Mill De Kat (The Cat) - Zaanse Schans (Holland)

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Dye Mill "De Kat" (The Cat) at the Zaanse Schans (Zaanstad - Holland)

The original mill "De Kat" was built in 1646 as an oil mill. The mill caught fire in 1782 but was restored shortly afterwards. It was to take another century before the mill was demolished to the level of the gallery in 1904. In 1960 the eight-sided paint mill "De Duinjager" (The Dune Hunter)
was removed from its former position owing to urban development and placed on top of the old storehouse of "De Kat" (The Cat).
The mill is again grinding raw materials such as chalk to make pigments for paint in the traditional way.
The miller is an expert in making paint, and his pigments are in high demand by artists and restorers.

Randy Fath
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