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#889 Oil Mill De Zoeker (The Seeker) - Zaanse Schans (Holland)

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Oil Mill "De Zoeker" (The Seeker) at the Zaanse Schans (Zaanstad - Holland)

In 1968, De Zoeker was relocated to Zaanse Schans in spectacular fashion. The upper section, weighing in at 18 tonnes, was moved in its entirety. During transportation, the mill was even lifted across the overhead lines of a railway. A boat was also needed to transport the mill to the eastern banks of the River Zaan. It took a day and night to transport and put the windmill in place. De Zoeker is an extremely old oil mill. It was built in 1672 in Zaandijk, but De Zoeker had probably already been there for 62 years, helping to drain and reclaim the land. In 1891, the oil mill was converted into a paint mill. Ten years later, equipment for working with oil was reinstalled. After that, the mill processed cocoa waste until 1950, when it came to a standstill and seemed destined for destruction. However, the municipality of Zaandijk purchased the windmills in the 1950s.
In 1958, De Zoeker started operating once again… as an oil mill!

Matthijs van Wageningen
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