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#881 Mustard Mill De Huisman (The Houseman) - Zaanse Schans (Holland)

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The construction of the current mustard mill "De Huisman" (The Houseman or 'man of the house') involved the demolition and use of various components of another windmill called "Indië’s Welvaren" (The Indian Prosperity) and a paper warehouse "De Haan" (The Rooster or Cock).
The paper warehouse was already located at the Zaanse Schans, but "De Huisman" (build around 1786) and "Indië’s Welvaren" (build 1908)
were originally located elsewhere in Zaandam. During the 1950s, both mills had to be moved due to municipal redevelopment. The old Huisman
was moved to the Zaanse Schans in 1955 with the other mill following two years later. One only has to glance at "De Huisman" to realize one is looking at something special. Since 1961, the renowned "Zaanse Mosterd" (Zaanse Mustard) has been produced in "De Huisman" in exactly the same way as in the olden days. The only difference is that it can be bought now in almost every Dutch supermarket.

The nameplate of "De Huisman" (The Houseman or 'man of the house') reads:
"Hier kreeg een kippevrijer een huisman tot berijder"
(freely translated) Here received the cock the man of the house as rider

which refers to the mill’s history as mentioned above:
The basis and location of the mill used to be a paper warehouse called "De Haan" (The Rooster or Cock),
but when "De Huisman" (The Houseman or 'man of the house') had to leave its original location,
the mill was placed 'on top' of the storehouse.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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