FR-1579247 front.jpg #7961 Postcrossing Map 2022Thumbnails#7959 Postcard DE-12548455 received from Germany
This postcard (FR-1579247) I received from France (Bordeaux) and was send by Maïté and Georges.
Postcard details: Don Papa Baroko (Sugarlandia), travelled about 934 km (580 mi) in 3 days

Don Papa Rum is an aged rum owned by Bleeding Heart Rum Company of the Philippines. Don Papa Baroko is made from dark rum that is aged for several years in American oak barrels on the slopes of Mount Kanlaon before blending for a rich, smooth finish. Bursting with bold, ripe tropical fruit flavours, silky smooth vanilla and a touch of dry, toasted oak, Don Papa Baroko is an exuberant rum - perfectly balanced with a touch of dried dates and raisins, and toasted oak on the finish. The resulting mix shows the original spirit of Don Papa. It is perfect to drink neat, with ice or in your favourite cocktails.
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