CA-1273484 front.jpg #7952 Postcard FR-1561096 received from FranceThumbnails#7950 Postcard HK-800936 received from Hong Kong
This postcard (CA-1273484) I received from Canada (London - Ontario) and was send by Sarah.
Postcard details: FLEER DUBBLE BUBBLE GUM (Vintage AdCards), travelled about 7687 km (4776 mi) in 13 days

Trick or Treat - Look who's here! and look what he wants most -> FLEER DUBBLE BUBBLE GUM

The Fleer Corporation, founded by the American confectioner Frank Henry Fleer in 1885, was the first company to successfully manufacture bubble gum; it remained a family-owned enterprise until 1989. Fleer originally developed a bubble gum formulation called Blibber-Blubber in 1906. While this gum could be blown into bubbles, in other respects it was vastly inferior to regular chewing gum, and Blibber-Blubber was never marketed to the public. In 1928, Fleer employee Walter Diemer improved the Blibber-Blubber formulation to produce the first commercially successful bubble gum, "Dubble Bubble". Its pink colour set a tradition for nearly all bubble gums to follow. Fleer became known as a maker of sports cards, starting in 1923 with the production of baseball cards. Fleer also released American football (1960) and basketball (1986) card sets through its history.
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