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This postcard (US-8562963) I received from the United States of America (Contreras - New Mexico) and was send by Sam-Quito.
Postcard details: Wupatki National Monument - Wukoki Pueblo Ruins, travelled about 8244 km (5123 mi) in 7 days

The Wupatki National Monument is a United States National Monument located in north-central Arizona, near Flagstaff. Rich in Native American archaeological sites, the monument is administered by the National Park Service in close conjunction with the nearby Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. The many settlement sites scattered throughout the monument were built by the Ancient Pueblo People, more specifically the Cohonina, Kayenta Anasazi, and Sinagua. The Wukoki Pueblo Ruins is one of the best preserved within Wupatki. This pueblo rises nearly three full stories. Archaeologists believe that it housed up to three large families. The rocky landscape and arid climate makes it hard to believe that they had been able to farm the surrounding land successfully, but rain had once been more plentiful in the region.
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Tuesday 5 July 2022
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