DE-11530170 front.jpg #7601 Postcard NL-5183935 sent to GermanyThumbnails#7599 Postcard CA-1190964 received from Canada
This postcard (DE-11530170) I received from Germany (Gütersloh - near Bielefeld) and was send by Lea.
Postcard details: Midnight Foxes (Dieter Braun - Wild Animals of the World), travelled about 250 km (155 mi) in 3 days

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) - Its graceful 'mouse jump' conjures a cat more than the canine predator it is, and the rusty red fox has a rather peculiar diet as well - not only mice, rabbits, and partridges dragged to its den, but also earthworms and frogs, at times, and raspberries and plums.

This postcard is one of 50 original animals from "Wild Animals of the World" illustrated by Dieter Braun, and designed by Francesca Truman. The animals communicate quite a lot of emotion and are organically geometric with rich colours. The postcards are printed on relatively thick white cardstock, with rounded edges and image borders reaching all the way to the sides of the paper.

Dieter Braun regularly travels to Africa and Australia to observe the local wildlife in its natural habitat. His digitally rendered animal illustrations are also influenced by the children's books, and vintage and Japanese design books he collects. The Hamburg-based artist has been commissioned by Time, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan and The Wall Street Journal, and has written his own children book entitled 'The World of Wild Animals'.
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