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#7448 Pierce-Arrow Model 38 Park Phaeton (1917) Louwman Museum

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Pierce-Arrow Model 38 Park Phaeton (1917) at the Louwman Museum in The Hague (Holland)

A very elegant Pierce-Arrow with a body by Studebaker, a company which had built carriages for many years until the beginning of the twentieth century when it switched to manufacturing cars. The beautiful coachwork of this particular car was custom-built for a client who loved conservative styling and a lot of brass. Film stars were taken to premieres in this car. The absence of rear doors afforded them easy access and allowed the ladies to show off their beautiful gowns. Accessories include brass electric headlamps and Westinghouse pneumatic shock absorbers. The four large shock absorber cylinders can be seen at the front and the rear of the car. For a Pierce-Arrow of 1917 the positioning of the headlamps is exceptional, because a few years earlier the factory had decided to place the lamps in a special casing on the mudguards, which eventually became the main design characteristic of the Pierce-Arrow. The core activity undertaken by George Pierce in the mid-19th century was the production of cages for birds and other domestic pets. In 1900 the George N. Pierce Company started producing motorcars. One of Pierce's first models was called the "Arrow", which was later added to the marque's name.

The Louwman Museum in The Hague, the Netherlands, features one of the most impressive private car collections in the world. Several hundred cars are on show to teach you all about car history. The Louwman Museum offers a wide collection that includes everything from antique and classic cars to Formula 1 racing cars and hybrids. Since 1934, two generations of the Louwman family have assembled a unique collection of cars. The present Louwman Museum was designed to display the collection to the public. It was festively opened in 2010. The collection leads you from horse and wagon to the first self-propelled vehicles. It also takes you past the luxury cars from the end of the 19th century, post-war "affordable cars" and the first racing cars. Some of the Louwman Museum's highlights include unique specimens such as the boat-car, the beach-car and the swan-car as well as famous cars such as James Bond's Aston Martin from the film Goldfinger and the customised Cadillac Fleetwood of Elvis Presley.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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