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#7264 Postcard BY-2821411 received from Belarus

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This postcard (BY-2821411) I received from Belarus (Minsk) and was send by Dasha.
Postcard details: Garden Dormouse (Белпочта), travelled about 1518 km (943 mi) in 11 days

The Garden Dormouse (Eliomys quercinus), a European endemic, used to be found in much of Central and Eastern Europe. The distribution ranged from the Atlantic coast of Portugal and France to Finland. It reached the southern Urals in Russia, as well as Spain and Sicily. Nowadays, it is extinct in some European countries or critically endangered. During the past 30 years, the distribution of the Garden Dormouse decreased by around 50% across Europe.

In philately a maximum card (also known as a maxi-card, or maxicard) is a postcard with a postage stamp placed on the picture side of the card where the stamp and card match or are in concordance. The cancellation is usually related to the image on the front of the card and the stamp.

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