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#7263 Postcard JP-1615912 received from Japan

JP-1615912 front.jpg #7264 Postcard BY-2821411 received from BelarusThumbnails#7262 Sbarro Challenge I (1985) Louwman Museum

This postcard (JP-1615912) I received from Japan (Narita - near Tokyo) and was send by Muken.
Postcard details: Black and White Matcha ♪ Sweet Rice Jelly (Uirō or ういろう), travelled about 9299 km (5778 mi) in 10 days

Uirō (ういろう), also known as uirō-mochi (外郎餠), is a traditional Japanese steamed cake made of rice flour and sugar. It is chewy, similar to mochi, and subtly sweet. Flavors include azuki bean paste, green tea (matcha), yuzu, strawberry and chestnut. Nagoya is particularly famous for its uirō, and there are other regional versions, notably in Yamaguchi and Odawara, although Odawara's uirō is better known as a medicine. It can be purchased in traditional Japanese confectionery shops throughout Japan.

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