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#7031 Postcard DE-10843675 received from Germany

DE-10843675 front.jpg #7032 Aeroflot - Kamov Ka-26D (CCCP-26001)Thumbnails#7030 Postcard DE-10839044 received from Germany

This postcard (DE-10843675) I received from Germany (Hennef/Sieg - near Bonn) and was send by Jan.
Postcard details: Herzliche Grüße aus Hennef (Stadt Hennef), travelled about 252 km (157 mi) in 4 days

"Herzliche Grüße aus Hennef"or Kind regards from Hebbef

Hennef (Sieg) is a town in the Rhein-Sieg district of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated on the river Sieg, approx. 7 km (4 mi) south-east of Siegburg and 15 km (9 mi) east of Bonn. Within Hennef is the town of Stadt Blankenberg, with the castle of Blankenberg. Hennef is also known as the City of 100 Villages (Stadt der 100 Dörfer) because it houses nearly 100 districts and former independent townships within its political borders.

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