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#7008 McLaren - McLaren-Honda MP4/5 (1989)

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McLaren-Honda MP4/5 (1989) as used by Alain Prost (No 2) from the McLaren F1 team at the Technik Museum Sinsheim (Germany)

The McLaren-Honda MP4/5, and its derived sister model the MP4/5B, were highly-succesful Formula One (F1) racing cars designed by the McLaren Formula One team based in Woking, England, and powered by Honda's naturally-aspirated RA109E and RA100E V10 engines respectively. The chassis was designed by Gordon Murray, Steve Nichols, Neil Oatley, Pete Weismann, Tim Wright, Bob Bell and Mike Gascoyne. The MP4/5 was loosely based on its 1988 predecessor, the all-conquering MP4/4. McLaren used the new car for half of the 1989 season using the Weismann Longitudinal Transmission from the MP4/4, and the MP4/5B with the Weismann Transverse Transmission for the last half of the 1989 season and for 1990, earning back to back drivers' and constructors' world titles with the type. Over the course of two seasons, the MP4/5 took 16 wins, 27 pole positions, and 263 points before it was replaced by the MP4/6 for 1991. McLaren and Marlboro had the longest sponsorship deal between a team and its title sponsor in Formula One history which lasted for 23 consecutive seasons from 1974 to 1996.

The Technik Museum Sinsheim (Sinsheim Museum of Technology) is a technology museum with a strong emphasis on motorized means of transport.
It has been located in the town of Sinsheim (south-east of Heidelberg) in the German state of Baden-Württemberg since its opening in 1981. The two supersonic airliners Concorde and Tupolev Tu-144, which are standing together, are the most striking attraction, but the museum has several collections. The collection includes: aircraft, classic vintage cars, racing- and classic motorcycles, racy sports cars, Formula One legends, extensive militaria, mechanical, rarities and fashions. The museum was founded by car enthusiasts, with the entrepreneur Eberhard Layher as initiator. In addition, the museum also features an IMAX 3D cinema with state-of-the-art 4K technology and a 22x27 metre (about 72x88 ft) projection screen. The museum is connected to the Technik Museum Speyer (Speyer Museum of Technology) in the city of Speyer, which is 34 kilometres (21 mi) to the west.

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Monday 30 May 2016
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