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#644 The Hole In The Rock - Bay of Islands Cruise (New Zealand)

20021121-98 The Hole In The Rock - Bay of Islands Cruise (New Zealand).jpg Thumbnails#641 Piercy Island - Bay of Islands Cruise (New Zealand)

Motu Kōkako, also known as Piercy Island or "The Hole In The Rock”, is located off the north coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It is at the very northern tip of Rakaumangamanga (Cape Brett) in the Bay of Islands. It is Māori freehold land, which is administered by the Motu Kōkako Ahu Whenua Trust for the benefit of the descendants of the traditional owners. The island itself was named Piercy Island by Captain Cook in honour of one of the Lords of the Admiralty – it is called Motu Kōkako in the Māori language.

The 18 metres (60 foot) hole at sea level was created over centuries by wind and waves making it one of the most naturally beautiful sites in New Zealand. Being a popular tourist destination there are a multitude of tours offered and if the waters are calm and the tide is right the jet boats will go right through the hole. Though our boat did not go through the hole. The use of the island by tourist boat operators has been the subject of a long running dispute, with tourism companies taking boats through the Hole in the Rock (Motukokako) but not paying a share of the takings to the island's owners. Apart from a short period between 1989 and 1992, the owners of the island have received no royalties from the boat operators.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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