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#6439 Postcard NL-4738005 sent to Finland

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This postcard (NL-4738005) I sent to Anna-Kaisa in Finland (Isojoki - South Ostrobothnia).
Postcard details: Tompouce (Dutch Facts - Leuke Post), travelled about 1479 km (919 mi) in 10 days

A Tompoes or Tompouce is a pastry in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is the local variety of the mille-feuille or Napoleon, introduced by an Amsterdam pastry baker and named after Admiraal Tom Pouce, the stage name of the Frisian dwarf Jan Hannem (1839-1878). In the Netherlands, the Tompoes is iconic, and the market allows little variation in form, size and colour. It must be rectangular, with two layers of puff pastry. The icing is smooth and pink, or occasionally white. For many years however, the top layer has been orange on Koningsdag (King's Day), and a few days before. It may also be orange-coloured when the national football team plays in large international tournaments; this dates from about 1990. The filling is invariably sweet, yellow pastry cream. Tompouces are sometimes topped with whipped cream.

Same card I also sent to Christina in Russia (Zhukovsky - near Moscow) and travelled about 2181 km (1355 mi) in 20 days
Same card I also sent to Julia (Yuliya) in Poland (Bielsk Podlaski) and travelled about 1237 km (769 mi) in 11 days
Same card I also sent to Alena in Belarus (Minsk) and travelled about 1518 km (943 mi) in 30 days
Same card I also sent to Linda in Canada (Surrey - British Columbia) and travelled about 7690 km (4778 mi) in 41 days

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