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#6438 Postcard NL-4742554 sent to Austria

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This postcard (NL-4742554) I sent to Anna in Austria (Vienna).
Postcard details: World Postcard Day 2020 (Finepaper - Fotokaarten), travelled about 944 km (1145 mi) in 5 days

Celebrate the World Postcard Day - 1/Oct

There's nothing quite like the joy of finding a surprise postcard in your mailbox, and the goal for the World Postcard Day is to bring that joy to as many people as possible. Grab some postcards and stamps, and make a plan to celebrate this special means of communication on 1 October.

To promote postcards among a young generation of designers, a postcard contest was organized by Finepaper for Design and Graphic Arts students in Portuguese universities. The students received information about the postcard format, types of paper as well as possible printing techniques, before going about imagining a postcard that would represent the World Postcard Day. The submissions poured in throughout July, after which the juries had the difficult task of picking just one winner; Leandro Ferreira (University of Beira Interior - Portugal).

Same card I also sent to Lauretta in New Zealand (Dunedin - Otago) and travelled about 18.746 km (11.648 mi) in 36 days
Same card I also sent to Jie in China (Changzhou - near Shanghai) and travelled about 8754 km (5439 mi) in 23 days
Same card I also sent to Rob in the United States of America (Milwaukee - Wisconsin) and travelled about 6523 km (4053 mi) in 18 days
Same card I also sent to Marta in Germany (Essen - near Duisburg) and travelled about 187 km (116 mi) in 18 days

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