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#6436 Postcard RU-8039294 received from Russia

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This postcard (RU-8039294) I received from Russia (Vidnoye - near Moscow) and was send by Eugene.
Postcard details: Saratov State Fine Art Museum, travelled about 2156 km (1340 mi) in 25 day

The Saratov State Fine Art Museum named after Alexander Nikolayevich Radishchev.
In front the monument of Alexander Nikolayevich Radishchev by Alexander Pavlovich Kibalnikov.

The Saratov State Fine Art Museum named after Alexander Nikolayevich Radishchev is the first public museum in Russian provinces.
It was opened in 1885. The exposition was based on donations of the grandson of Alexander Nikolayevich Radishchev, Alexey Petrovich Bogolyubov. There is a library in the Museum. It holds a large collection of ancient and modern books and manuscripts. In the Great Hall of the Museum musical concerts are held, literary and artistic meetings. In the Lecture Hall lectures on world's fine art history, different styles and schools in painting, sculpture and architecture, culture of works of art perception are held.

Alexander Nikolayevich Radishchev (Алекса́ндр Никола́евич Ради́щев; 1749 – 1802) was a Russian author and social critic who was arrested and exiled under Catherine the Great. He brought the tradition of radicalism in Russian literature to prominence with his 1790 novel Journey from
St. Petersburg to Moscow. His depiction of socio-economic conditions in Russia resulted in his exile to Siberia until 1797.
He was the grandfather of painter Alexey Petrovich Bogolyubov.

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