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This postcard (NL-4664323) I sent to Anne in Finland (Parhalahti - Oulu Province).
Postcard details: Hudson Bay Wolf (Artis Shop), travelled about 1759 km (1093 mi) in 11 days

Hudson Bay Wolf - Grey Wolf - Canis lupus hudsonicus, Artis, illustration by Annemieke Bunjes
The Hudson Bay Wolf is a subspecies of Gray Wolf native to northern Keewatin, including the northwestern coast of Hudson Bay in Canada.
It was first classed as a distinct subspecies in 1941 by Edward Goldman, who described it as being a white coloured,
medium-sized subspecies similar to Arctic Wolf, but with a flatter skull

Artis, short for Natura Artis Magistra (Latin for "Nature is the Teacher of the Arts"), is a Zoo in the centre of Amsterdam.
It's the oldest Zoo in the Netherlands and one of the oldest Zoos of mainland Europe.

Same card I also sent to Amy in the United States of America (San Antonio - Texas) and travelled about 8283 km (5147 mi) in 16 days
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Created on
Friday 5 June 2020
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