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#6270 Postcard JP-1396577 received from Japan

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This postcard (JP-1396577) I received from Japan (Tokyo) and was send by Daizo.
Postcard details: Morning Mist(1938)by Kawai Gyokudō, travelled about 9284 km (5769 mi) in 8 days

Kawai Gyokudō or 川合 玉堂 (1873 – 1957) was the pseudonym of a Japanese painter in the nihonga school, active from Meiji through Shōwa period in Japanese history. His real name was Kawai Yoshisaburō. Gyokudō is noted for his polychrome and occasionally monochrome works depicting the mountains and rivers of Japan in the four seasons, with humans and animals shown as part of the natural landscape.

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