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#6168 Postcard DE-9175508 received from Germany

DE-9175508 front.jpg #6169 Postcard NL-4625417 received from the NetherlandsThumbnails#6167 Postcard DE-9175505 received from Germany

This postcard (DE-9175508) I received from Germany (Kiel - Schleswig-Holstein) and was send by Lis.
Postcard details: Seehund - Common Seal (Schöning Verlag), travelled about 409 km (254 mi) in 6 days

Ich träume von Essen Tag und Nacht, was hätte mich sonst so fett gemacht?!
bloß nicht aufwachen - bloß jetzt nicht aufwachen!!

I dream of eating day and night, what else would have made me so fat?!
just don't wake up - just don't wake up now!!

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