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#6045 Postcard DE-8864419 received from Germany

DE-8864419 front.jpg #6046 American Airlines - Airbus A321-253NX (D-AZAL / N404AN / MSN 8758)Thumbnails#6044 Postcard US-6450879 received from the United States of America

This postcard (DE-8864419) I received from Germany (Speyer - near Heidelberg) and was send by Uwe.
Postcard details: Speyer (Verlag Johannes Oefner), travelled about 430 km (267 mi) in 6 days

Speyer; Maximilianstreet (Maximilianstraße) with pilgrim Jakob and view to cathedral

Speyer is a town in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany with approximately 50.000 inhabitants. Located on the left bank of the river Rhine, Speyer lies 25 km (16 mi) south of Ludwigshafen and Mannheim, and 21 km (13 mi) south-west of Heidelberg. Founded by the Romans, it is one of Germany's oldest cities. Speyer Cathedral, a number of other churches and the Altpörtel (old gate) dominate the Speyer landscape. In the cathedral, beneath the high altar, are the tombs of eight Holy Roman Emperors and German kings.

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