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#6042 Postcard RU-7725646 received from Russia

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This postcard (RU-7725646) I received from Russia (Izhevsk - Udmurtia) and was send by Elya.
Postcard details: Ижевск (Izhevsk) - Waxwing (Shutterstock), travelled about 3084 km (1916 mi) in 15 days

The waxwings are passerine birds classified in the genus Bombycilla. They are brown and pale grey with silky plumage, a black and white eyestripe, a crest, a square-cut tail and pointed wings. Some of the wing feathers have red tips, the resemblance of which to sealing wax gives these birds their common name. There are three species, the Bohemian Waxwing, the Japanese Waxwing and the Cedar Waxwing.

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