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This postcard (NL-4421482) I sent to Kiera in the United States of America (Staten Island - New York).
Postcard details: Butterfly Pavilion (Artis shop), travelled about 5853 km (3637 mi) in 9 days

Butterfly Pavilion (Het Vlinderpaviljoen), Artis, illustration by Annemieke Bunjes - 2018
The Butterfly Pavilion is a great place to spend a cold, rainy afternoon in Amsterdam. Located in Artis Royal Zoo, there are over a thousand butterflies flying freely in the 1000 m2 tropical interior. Amsterdam's Butterfly Pavilion is the largest in the Netherlands, and is a delight for all ages.

Artis, short for Natura Artis Magistra (Latin for "Nature is the Teacher of the Arts"), is a Zoo in the centre of Amsterdam.
It's the oldest Zoo in the Netherlands and one of the oldest Zoos of mainland Europe.
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