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This postcard (HK-647976) I received from Hong Kong (special administrative region of China) and was send by Hugh.
Postcard details: Golden Peak Buddha at Emei Mountain, travelled about 9282 km (5768 mi) in 7 days

Golden Statue of Puxian on Emei Mountain in the Sichuan Province, China; Located in the center of Golden Summit, the four sides of the statue are the signs of Mount Emei. The icon was cast in copper-cast gilt and consists of a pedestal and the Ten Prophets. Against the background of the blue sky, the statues give off a shocking glow. Samantabhadra is a symbol of the wish of Mahayana Buddhism. The "Ten Parties" represent the top 10 wishes of Samantabhadra, and it is also a symbol of ten directions in Buddhism. It means that the boundless line of Samantabhadra will be able to complete all the Buddhas of the Ten Trinity III and all sentient beings.
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