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#5656 Royal Netherlands Navy - NHIndustries NH90 (N-088)

20190614-004 Royal Netherlands Navy - NHIndustries NH90 (N-088) Volkel NL.jpg Thumbnails#3487 HNLMS Zeeland (P841) - Sail Amsterdam 2015 (Holland)

NHIndustries NH90 (N-088) from the Royal Netherlands Navy at the Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days 2019, Volkel (the Netherlands)

The NHIndustries NH90 is a medium-sized, twin-engine, multi-role military helicopter. It was developed in response to NATO requirements for a battlefield helicopter which would also be capable of being operated in naval environments. The NH90 was developed and is manufactured by NHIndustries, a collaborative company, which is owned by Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo (formerly AgustaWestland) and Fokker Aerostructures. The first prototype conducted its maiden flight in December 1995; the type first entered operational service in 2007. As of January 2017, the NH90 has logged 127.000 flight hours in the armed forces of thirteen nations. The NH90 has the distinction of being the first production helicopter to feature entirely fly by wire flight controls. There are two main variants, the Tactical Transport Helicopter (TTH) for army use and the navalised NATO Frigate Helicopter (NFH); each customer typically has various alterations and customisations made to their own NH90 fleets, such as different weapons, sensors and cabin arrangements, to meet their own specific requirements. In early service, the NH90 has suffered several teething issues,
which has in turn delayed active deployment of the type by some operators.

Each year the Netherlands armed forces services organises open days on a rotational basis. Open days are intended to show how the Netherlands Defence organisation works for peace and security throughout the world. On these days everyone is welcome to have a look behind the scenes.
The 2019 Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days took place at Volkel Air Base, home to 312 and 313 F-16 Fighting Falcon squadrons.