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#5637 Red Ruffed Lemur - Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam (Holland)

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Red Ruffed Lemur at the Artis Royal Zoo (also known as Natura Artis Magistra), Amsterdam (Holland)

The Red Ruffed Lemur is one of two species in the genus Varecia, the Ruffed Lemurs; the other is the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur.
Like all lemurs, it is native to Madagascar and occurs only in the rainforests of Masoala, in the northeast of the island. Its soft, thick fur is red and black in colour and sports a buff or cream coloured spot at the nape, but a few are known to have a white or pink patch on the back of the limbs or digits and a ring on the base of the tail in a similar colour.

Matthijs van Wageningen
Created on
Friday 7 June 2019
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