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#5458 Postcard TW-2708787 received from Taiwan

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This postcard (TW-2708787) I received from Taiwan (Taipei City) and was send by Chuan.
Postcard details: The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival (Fun Taiwan Postcard), travelled about 9449 km (5871 mi) in 6 days

Taking place during the first full moon of the Chinese Lunar New Year – a date that changes every year – the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the small hillside town of Shifeng to release an estimated 100.000 to 200.000 glowing rice paper lanterns into the nocturnal skies. Pingxi is the only place sky lanterns are allowed in Taiwan, as the mountains and water prevent them from flying too far away. Pingxi is the name of a district in northern Taiwan, not far from the capital Taipei and part of New Taipei county.

The lanterns are generally made of rice paper on a bamboo frame containing a small candle. People write their names and wishes onto their lantern to slowly float upwards to the gods, hoping for happiness and prosperity. Most lanterns are made of biodegradable materials, yet, the impact on the environment would still be high were it not for a post-festival cleanup operation. Even though the sky lanterns can be released during the whole year, be aware that the cleanup crews operate only during the festival.

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