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#5430 Blue-Girdled Angelfish - Antwerp Zoo (Belgium)

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Blue-Girdled Angelfish at Antwerp Zoo, also known as Zoo Antwerpen or Zoo d'Anvers (Belgium)

Pomacanthus Navarchus, the Blue-Girdled Angelfish or Majestic Angelfish, is a marine angelfish from the Indo-Pacific region. The adult becomes a striking beauty with a yellowish-orange angelfish with blue spots on the sides, a yellowish snout, lower head and breast, blue lips, a deep blue area enclosing the pectoral fins, eyes and upper part of the head, a broad deep blue band on the rear of the body, and yellowish-orange dorsal and caudal fins. Blue-Girdled Angelfish eat mainly sponges and tunicates.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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