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#5146 Austrian Monument at Kleinzschocher - Leipzig (Germany)

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Austrian Monument with typical "Doppeladler" (double-headed eagle) at Kleinzschocher, a district in the southwest of Leipzig (Germany)

The Austrian Monuments (Österreicher-Denkmale) in Leipzig are four identical, except for the inscriptions, monuments that recall the successful participation of Austrian troops at the Battle of Leipzig in 1813. On a granite base, which rests on a concrete foundation, a obelisk-like structure made of limestone rises. At the front it carries a bronze plaque with the names of the military units, the commanders and a memorial record for the fallen soldiers. Wreaths and garlands made of bronze adorn the sides. On the square end plate at about four meters (about 13 ft) in height stands on a double-headed eagle with outspread wings and the crowns of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, also known as Austria-Hungary Dual Monarchy. The eagle is pointing to the enemy, in this case to the French-occupied city centre of Leipzig. At the obelisks are also the year 1813 and the days of the battles highlighted. The monuments were manufactured in Austria and arranged from the end of August 1913 to their free provided land squares in Leipzig, under the supervision of German city architect Otto Wilhelm Scharenberg.

16, 18 and 19 October 1813

The inscription reads;
Oesterr. 3. Korps
Feldzeugmeister Graf Gyulai
1. leichte Division Feldmarschalleutnant Prinz Moritz Liechtenstein
Detachement Oberstlt. Frh. v. Simbschen
Dem Andenken der in den Kämpfen bei Lindenau, Zschocher u. Schleussig gefallenen Helden.

Freely translated:
Austrian 3rd Corps
General of the Artillery Graf Gyulai
1st Light Division Field Marshal Lieutenant Prince Moritz Liechtenstein
Detachment Lieutenant-Colonel Baron von Simbschen
In memory of the fallen heroes at the battles of Lindenau, Zschocher and Schleussig.

The four Austrian Monuments (Österreicher-Denkmale) are located at Lößnig, Paunsdorf, Kleinzschocher and Holzhausen.