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#5001 Jason-Denkmal (monument) - Zoo Leipzig (Germany)

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Jason-Denkmal (monument) at Zoo Leipzig, also known as "Leipzig Zoological Garden" (Germany)

One of the most important monument is - if only because of its dimensions - the Jason-Denkmal by the sculptor Walter Levy,
which stands at the Zoo since 1928. Previously it was standing for 17 years in the Berlin Zoo.

Jason is one of the most famous of heroes in Greek mythology, and is arguably second only to Heracles, in terms of being the best known Greek hero today. The test of the fire-breathing bulls is one of three Jason must complete to win the Golden Fleece, and yet it is one that has received the least scholarly attention. Jason is ordered by King Æetes, as a condition of carrying off the Golden Fleece, to tame certain brazen-footed and fire-breathing bulls of Hephæstus (god of fire) and yoke them to a plough of adamant.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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Sunday 28 May 2017
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