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Fairey Gannet AS.4 (UA+106) as used by the German Navy (Deutsche Marine) at the Luftwaffenmuseum, Berlin-Gatow (Germany)

The Fairey Gannet was a British carrier-borne aircraft of the post-Second World War era developed for the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm (FAA) by the Fairey Aviation Company. It was a mid-wing monoplane with a tricycle undercarriage and a crew of three, and a double turboprop engine driving two contra-rotating propellers. The Gannet was originally developed to meet the FAA's dual-role anti-submarine warfare and strike requirement. It was later adapted for operations as an electronic countermeasures and carrier onboard delivery aircraft. The AS.4 was the Anti-Submarine version. Germany bought 15 Gannet AS.4s and one T.5 (Trainer) in 1958. They operated as the anti-submarine squadron of Marinefliegergeschwader 2
(2nd Naval Air Wing) from Jagel and Sylt. In 1963 the squadron was re-assigned to Marinefliegergeschwader 3 (3rd Naval Air Wing) at Nordholz until the Gannets were replaced by the Breguet 1150 Atlantique in 1966. During its operations the German Navy lost one AS.4, on 12 May 1966, when a Gannet crashed shortly after take-off from Kaufbeuren, killing all three crew members. In the early days the Germans used the old squadron based serials (e.g. DA+125, VA+112, JD+223 etc) and from 13 November 1967 they introduced the new XX+XX serial system.

The Luftwaffenmuseum, now known as the Militärhistorisches Museum (MHM) der Bundeswehr - Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow
(Bundeswehr Museum of Military History - Berlin-Gatow Airfield), is the Berlin branch of the Bundeswehr Military History Museum. The museum acts as an independent military department. Entrance to the museum is free. The museum is in Berlin at a former Luftwaffe and Royal Air Force (RAF) airfield, RAF Gatow. The focus is on military history, particularly the history of the post-war German Air Force. The museum has a collection of more than 200.000 items, including 155 aeroplanes, 5.000 uniforms and 30.000 books. There are also displays (including aeroplanes) on the history of the airfield when it was used by the RAF. Although there are also several helicopters and MiG fighters used during the Cold War by East German forces.
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