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#408 Lower Huia Water Supply Reservoir (New Zealand)

20021114-56 Lower Huia Water Supply Reservoir (New Zealand).jpg #409 View from Lower Huia Dam to Huia Bay (New Zealand)Thumbnails#407 California Sea Lion - Auckland Zoo (New Zealand)

Lower Huia Dam was opened in 1971 and forms part of the water supply for Auckland, here you see the Reservoir with inspection bridge.

Huia is a western suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Huia was previously known as Te Huia as the area is thought to be named after a Māori chief, Te Huia, who stayed in the bay and was so taken by the area that he remained there. The English translation "The Huia" was used into the 1970s, but simply "Huia" has now become more commonplace.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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