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#402 Asian Elephant - Auckland Zoo (New Zealand)

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Asian Elephant at the Auckland Zoo (New Zealand)

Asian male elephants (bulls) can weigh up to 4,4 tonnes and the females (cows) up to 4,1 tonnes. Newborn babies are around 125 kg, about the same as three ten-year-old children. Elephants feature the biggest ears in the world, which have a double function: to hear and to help cooling both the ears and body. These animals also have the longest nose of any animal. It consists of the nose and top lip, and contains over 40.000 muscles. Elephants use their trunk to reach food, suck up water and have a shower, smell, touch, breath, trumpet and as protection.

Auckland Zoo has only one female Asian elephant, Burma, born in 1982. Burma's favourite foods are banana palm and sugar cane,
and sweet fruits like watermelon. Burma loves exploring new environments, and enjoys her daily walks around the Zoo.
These are varied, and can involve going into other animal enclosures.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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