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#394 Peacock - Auckland Zoo (New Zealand)

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Peacock or Common Peafowl at the Auckland Zoo (New Zealand)

Peacock is the layman's term for the common peafowl. Although technically only the male of the species can be called a peacock, the female is known as a peahen. The male of the species is one of the biggest flirts in the animal kingdom and is often observed strutting through parklands with its tail feathers erect, however if that doesn't get your attention they will often emit loud raucous calls as well. The common peafowl's diet consists mainly of seeds, grains, grasses, berries, roots and small insects. The peafowl will lay four to six eggs at a time, which are then incubated for 28 days. Development in peafowl chicks is slow and they will often not obtain their full plumage until they are three to five years old.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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