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#3734 Georgenbau - Dresden (Germany)

20150601-106 Georgenbau - Dresden (Germany).jpg Thumbnails#3735 Georgenbau - Dresden (Germany)

The Georgenbau (Georges building), or Georgentor (Georges Gate), was the original city exit to the Elbe Bridge (Augustusbrücke or Augustus Bridge) and the first of the city's many Renaissance buildings. The present building was built in neo-Renaissance style in 1897-1901 at the Schloßplatz.
The first Georgenbau, built under Duke George the Bearded (Georg der Bärtige) around 1530, burnt down in 1701. Here it shows the entrance gate to the Georgenbau (Georges building), the central section of "Dresdner Schloss" (Dresden Castle).

Matthijs van Wageningen
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Monday 1 June 2015
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