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#3732 Fürstenzug (Procession of Princes) - Dresden (Germany)

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The Fürstenzug (Procession of Princes) in Dresden, Germany, is a large mural of a mounted procession of the rulers of Saxony.
It was originally painted between 1871 and 1876 to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Wettin Dynasty, Saxony's ruling family.
In order to make the work weatherproof, it was replaced with approximately 23.000 Meissen porcelain tiles between 1904 and 1907.
With a length of 102 metres (335 ft), it is known as the largest porcelain artwork in the world. The mural displays the ancestral portraits
of the 35 margraves, electors, dukes and kings of the House of Wettin between 1127 and 1904. The Fürstenzug is located on the
outer wall of the "Stallhof" (Stables Courtyard) of "Dresdner Schloss" (Dresden Castle).

The mural depicts the 35 Saxon margraves, electors, dukes and kings from Conrad, Margrave of Meissen, who ruled in the 12th century,
to George of Saxony who was king for only two years in the 20th century. The only ones missing are Heinrich I von Eilenburg (c. 1089) and the last king of Saxony, Frederick Augustus III, who ruled from 1904 to 1918. Also shown are 59 scientists, artisans, craftsmen, children and farmers.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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Monday 1 June 2015
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