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#371 View from Sky Tower - Auckland (New Zealand)

20021107-22 View from Sky Tower - Auckland (New Zealand).jpg #376 View from Sky Tower - Auckland (New Zealand)Thumbnails#7 Welcome to the City of DUBLIN

View from the Sky Tower to the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The Auckland Harbour Bridge is an eight-lane box truss motorway bridge over the Waitemata Harbour, joining St. Marys Bay in Auckland with Northcote in the former North Shore City, New Zealand. It is part of State Highway 1 and the Auckland Northern Motorway. The bridge is operated by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). It is the second-longest road bridge in New Zealand, and the longest in the North Island.
It is 1.020 meters (3.348 ft) long, with a main span of 244 metres (800 ft), rising 43 metres (142 ft) above high water allowing ships access to the deepwater wharf at the Chelsea Sugar Refinery, one of the few such wharves west of the bridge. While often considered an Auckland icon there has been criticism, ranging from the nickname of "coathanger" due to its shape to complaints that it mimics the Sydney Harbour Bridge in copyist fashion. Many see the construction of the bridge without walking, cycling and rail facilities as a big oversight.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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