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#363 Motor Yacht Katana (Enigma) - Auckland (New Zealand)

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One of the world's super yachts, Katana, is moored in Auckland. Katana (now named Enigma) was owned by computer software company Oracle's Larry Ellison. Like an increasing number of super yacht owners, Ellison has moved his extravagant toy to New Zealand for the America's Cup 2002.

Until recently, Katana yacht was owned by Larry Ellison, the flamboyant chairman of Oracle Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based American information technology company. Katana, which means "sword" in Japanese, was actually called Eco when it was constructed and launched in 1991. That was the name given to the yacht by its original owner, Emilio Azcarraga, a Mexican media magnate who founded and served as the chief executive officer of Mexico's dominant media company, Televisa. In due time, Larry Ellison's ego became too large even for a 74,5 meter (244 foot) long 1.100 ton superyacht. So Larry Ellison commissioned an even bigger superyacht to be built. When the Rising Sun was completed and delivered, to him Ellison sold Katana to UK's Aidan Barclay, who gave it yet another new name: Enigma.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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