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#3511 Musentempel at agra-Park - Markkleeberg (Germany)

20150531-091 Musentempel at agra-Park - Markkleeberg (Germany).jpg Thumbnails#3512 Statue King Frederick Augustus II - Dresden (Germany)

The ionic Musentempel near the White House (Weißes Haus) was built in 1900 on an island in the park pond and should give the park the appearance of a classic antique landscape. The eight Ionic columns of the monopteros carry a high hollowed roof. The location was deliberately chosen so that the temple of Muses (the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science, and the arts) is not only visual attraction of the park, but thanks to the applied view at the same time a great viewpoint. Accessible via a small bridge, the island temple is the most beautiful place of historical landscape of the agra-Park and famous for her great photo opportunity.