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#3443 HNLMS Hunze (A876) - Sail Amsterdam 2015 (Holland)

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His Netherlands Majesty's Ship "Hunze" (A876) from the Royal Netherlands Navy
at the Sail In parade from IJmuiden to Amsterdam (North Sea Canal), Sail Amsterdam 2015 (Holland)

HNLMS "Hunze" (A876) is the third "Linge" class tugboat of the Royal Netherlands Navy. She was laid down in 1986, launched and
commissioned in 1987. The tugboat is named after the river Hunze located in the northern part of the Netherlands in the provinces
Drenthe and Groningen. The Towing Service of the Royal Netherlands Navy has 5 "Linge" class tugboats and 2 "B" class tugboats.

An international prefix for Dutch Navy ships is HNLMS (His/Her Netherlands Majesty's Ship). The Dutch Navy itself uses the prefixes
Zr. Ms. (Zijner Majesteits, His Majesty's) when a king is on the throne, and Hr. Ms. (Harer Majesteits, Her Majesty's) when there is a queen.