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Electric Locomotive (E 94 056) from the DB Museum (German Railway Museum) at Leipzig Hbf (Germany)

The Electric Locomotives of the Baureihe E 94 (Class E 94, from 1968 Baureihe 194 for the "Deutsche Bundesbahn" or German Federal Railway and from 1970 Baureihe 254 for the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" or German Reich Railway) were designed for freight service. This very successful electric locomotive had several nicknames, in some areas they called her "Deutsches Krokodil" (German Crocodile), in other places they were known as "Grünes Krokodil" (Green Crocodile). In East Germany they were called the "Eisenschwein" (Iron Pig). The first E 94 electric locomotives were put into service in 1940 by the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DRG, also known as the German Reich Railway or the German Imperial Railway).
After World War II, new units were ordered and delivered as late as 1957. In Germany they were retired in 1988, retirement for East Germany
came in 1991. The very last E 94 retired in Austria (where they were known as Reihe 1020 or Class 1020) in 1995.

The E 94 056 (from 1970 called 254 056-5) was built in 1942 by AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft) with Factory No 5335.
This Electric Locomotives is currently owned by the DB Museum (German Railway Museum) in Nürnberg.
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