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#338 Statue of Emperor Franz II/I (Hofburg) - Vienna (Austria)

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At the center of the Inner Castle Court (Innerer Burghof) - originally a parade ground - is a large monument dedicated to Emperor Francis I of Austria also know as Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor. The large monument was created in 1824-1846 by the Italian sculptor Pompeo Marchesi.
The monument shows the emperor in classical Roman attire set atop a tall plinth, surrounded by four other statues.

Franz (Francis) II (12 February 1768 – 2 March 1835) was the last Holy Roman Emperor (Erwählter Römischer Kaiser),
ruling from 1792 until 6 August 1806, when he dissolved the Holy Roman Empire after the disastrous defeat of the Third Coalition by Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz. In 1804, he had founded the Austrian Empire and became Franz (Francis) I, the first Emperor of Austria (Kaiser von Österreich), ruling from 1804 to 1835, so later he was named the one and only "Doppelkaiser" (double emperor) in history.

The following writing can be found at the front:
AMOREM MEVM POPVLIS MEIS (testam cap xiii)
"My love to my peoples (from the emperor's last will, 1835)"

Matthijs van Wageningen
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