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#336 Monument of Empress Maria Theresia - Vienna (Austria)

20010904-79 Monument of Empress Maria Theresia - Vienna (Austria).jpg #337 Fiakers at Heldenplatz (Heroes' Square) - Vienna (Austria)Thumbnails#335 Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Art History) - Vienna (Austria)

The Maria Theresa Monument is a huge memorial in the center of the Maria Theresien Platz, located directly at the Ringstrasse, embedded in an imperial scenery between the Museum of Natural History and the one for Art History. This, probably most important monument from the Habsburger, was constructed under the lead of Kaspar von Zumbusch in a 13 years construction period. It was revealed ceremoniously in the year 1888 by the presence of the Empress "Sissi". The over 19 m high and approx. 44 tons heavy monument pictures the Empress Maria Theresa in a 6 m large bronze statue. She greets the people with her right hand and in the left hand she holds a document roll of the "Pragmatische Sanktion"
(Pragmatic Sanction) and a scepter. She is surrounded among other things by 4 horseman statues of her generals. The monument is classified as a World Cultural Heritage. Maria Theresa governed from the year 1740 to 1780. She reformed for instance the school system and took care of the state affairs as well as of her 16 children.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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