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#3269 Red Bull (Flying Bulls) - Lockheed P-38L Lightning (N25Y)

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Lockheed P-38L Lightning (N25Y) from Red Bull "Flying Bulls" starting its engines at the Texel Airshow, Texel (the Netherlands)

The P-38 Lightning by Lockheed might be one of the most impressive aircrafts in the world of aviation. With its unconventional twin tail,
it was commonly used during the Pacific War. The twin Allison engines with 1475 horsepower make the P-38 the perfect warbird for long distances due to its ability to fly higher and faster than other jets built around the same time. Between 1941 and 1945 more than 10.000 aircraft were produced. Today, the P-38 is a very rare model and appears to be priceless. It comes as no surprise that no efforts and costs were spared to save and restore those treasures. The only P-38 in Europe, and one of the only ones that is still being used, is owned by the Flying Bulls and can be found in "Hangar 7" at Salzburg Airport, Austria. It can be said that the Flying Bulls’ P-38, registered N25Y (an American registration), is one of the most beautiful and well-maintained Lightnings worldwide – a graceful aircraft both on the ground and in the air. Its twin Allision V-12 reciprocating engines with turbochargers allow the almost 8 ton aircraft to reach 670 km/h and a height only modern jets can normally reach. The P-38 is unique in all aspects and considered a unique beauty by many admirers.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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