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#3201 Dutch Coastguard - Dornier 228-212 (PH-CGN)

20150801-020 Dutch Coastguard - Dornier 228-212 (PH-CGN) Texel NL.jpg #3203 Dutch Coastguard - Dornier 228-212 (PH-CGN)Thumbnails#1373 Dutch Coastguard Patrol Vessel "Zeearend" (Sail Amsterdam 2010)

Dornier 228-212 (PH-CGN) from the Dutch Coastguard (Kustwacht) at the Texel Airshow, Texel (the Netherlands)

The two Coastguard aircraft, type Dornier 228-212 (PH-CGN and PH-CGC), are managed by the Royal Netherlands Airforce (RNLAF).
The pilots are from the Royal Netherlands Navy and Royal Netherlands Airforce and the observers are from various ministries.
The standard crew is two pilots and two observers onboard these aircraft. These aircraft have navigation, communication,
tracking, photo and video equipment onboard.

Matthijs van Wageningen
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