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#3059 Spanish Air Force - McDonnell Douglas EF-18A+ (C.15-50 / 12-08)

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McDonnell Douglas EF-18A+ Hornet (C.15-50 / 12-08) from the Spanish Air Force
at the Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days 2008, Leeuwarden (the Netherlands)

The Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire) ordered 60 EF-18A model and 12 EF-18B model Hornets (the "E" standing for "España" or Spain),
named respectively as C.15 and CE.15 by Spanish Air Force. Delivery of the Spanish version started on 22 November 1985 until July 1990. These fighters were upgraded to F-18A+/B+ standard, close to F/A-18C/D (plus version includes later mission and armament computers, databuses, data-storage set, new wiring, pylon modifications and software, new abilities as AN/AAS-38B NITE Hawk targeting FLIR pods). In 1995 Spain obtained 24 ex-United States Navy F/A-18A Hornets, with six more on option. These were delivered from December 1995 until December 1998. Before delivery, they were modified to EF-18A+ standard. This was the first sale of USN surplus Hornets. Spanish Hornets operate as an all-weather interceptor 60% of the time and as an all-weather day/night attack aircraft for the remainder. In case of war, each of the front-line squadrons would take a primary role: 121 is tasked with tactical air support and maritime operations; 151 and 122 are assigned to all-weather interception and air combat roles; and 152 is assigned the SEAD mission. Air refueling is provided by Lockheed Martin KC-130Hs and Boeing 707TTs.