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Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 (131) as used by the Royal Netherlands Navy (MLD) at the Military Aviation Museum, Kamp Zeist (the Netherlands)

The Hawker Sea Hawk was a British single-seat jet fighter of the Fleet Air Arm (FAA), the air branch of the Royal Navy, built by Hawker Aircraft and its sister company, Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft. Although its origins stemmed from earlier Hawker piston-engined fighters, the Sea Hawk became the company's first jet aircraft. Following the type's successful acceptance in the Royal Navy, the Sea Hawk proved to be a reliable and sturdy workhorse. A considerable number were also produced for the export market, and were operated from aircraft carriers in both Dutch
and Indian service. The last operational Sea Hawks, operated by the Indian Navy, were retired in 1983.

The Sea Hawk was a successful export aircraft. The Royal Netherlands Navy had 22 Sea Hawk Mk.50 aircraft, delivered from 18 July 1957
to 29 January 1958. The Dutch Sea Hawk Mk.50 was very similar to the Sea Hawk FGA.6 but the Dutch aircraft had a different Philips system antenna on top of the fuselage. In the Royal Netherlands Navy, it served aboard the Dutch aircraft carrier HNLMS Karel Doorman, ex-HMS Venerable, including decolonization operations guarding against Indonesian threats in the area. From 1959 on they were equipped with Sidewinder missiles significantly enhancing and extending their air-to-air combat capabilities. In 1961, the Sea Hawks that served on her were moved ashore when the NATO mission profile was changed to all ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) aircraft. By October 1964 they were taken out of service. The Netherlands Naval Aviation Service (Marine-Luchtvaartdienst or MLD) is the naval aviation branch of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

This Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 has a fake Royal Netherlands Navy registration 131; its previous identity was WM983 (Royal Navy).
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