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Fokker F27-300M Troopship (C-10) as used by the "Koninklijke Luchtmacht" (RNLAF) at the Military Aviation Museum, Kamp Zeist (the Netherlands)

The Fokker F27 Friendship is a turboprop airliner designed and built by the defunct Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker.
Design of the Fokker F27 started in the 1950s as a replacement to the successful Douglas DC-3 airliner. The manufacturer evaluated a number of different configurations before finally deciding on a high-wing twin Rolls-Royce Dart engine layout with a pressurised cabin for 28 passengers. The first prototype, registered PH-NIV, first flew on 24 November 1955. The second prototype and initial production machines were about 1 metre (3 ft) longer, addressing the first aircraft's slightly tail-heavy handling and also providing space for four more passengers, bringing the total to 32.
These aircraft also used the more powerful Rolls-Royce Dart Mk 528 engine. In 1956, Fokker signed a licensing deal with the US aircraft manufacturer Fairchild for the latter to construct the F27 in the USA. The first US-built aircraft flew on 12 April 1958. Fairchild also independently developed a stretched version, called the FH-227. Most sales by Fairchild were made in the North American market. At the end of the Fokker F27's production in 1987, 586 units had been built. More than any other western European civil turboprop airliner at the time. The Fokker F27-300M Troopship is a military transport variant and was developed for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) with an extra-large cargo door
and other modifications to make it suitable for transporting cargo.

Twelve aircraft were purchased by the "Koninklijke Luchtmacht" (RNLAF), the first three being Fokker F27-100 Friendships, the remainder were 37seater Fokker F27-300M Troopships. They were delivered between July 1960 and April 1961. The Fokker F27-300M Troopship (C-10),
with c/n 10160, was delivered to the RNLAF in 1961 and was withdrawn from service in 1993. The Fokker F27-300M Troopship is probably best known for its amazing displays by the 334 Squadron. On 23 August 1960 the first of twelve Fokker F27s was delivered to the 334 Squadron. In 1968 the squadron moved to Soesterberg Air Base were it stayed until May 1992 before the last move to Eindhoven Air Base where it still is stationed.
The C-10 (F27 Display Team) is displayed at the Militair Luchtvaart Museum (MLM) in it's special display scheme of the 334 Squadron.
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