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Farman HF.20 Replica (LA-2) as used by the Dutch Army Aviation Group (LVA) at the Military Aviation Museum, Kamp Zeist (the Netherlands)

The Farman HF.20 and its derivatives were a family of reconnaissance aircraft produced by the brothers Henri and Maurice Farman in France,
shortly before and during the First World War. It was a refined version of the Farman MF.11 "Shorthorn" that did away with the type's distinctive landing skids, and incorporated design features from Henri Farman's designs. The HF.20 was seriously underpowered, and a variety of engines were trialled in the hope of correcting this, none with much success. The problem was eventually solved only when an engine of twice the power of the original powerplant was fitted to the HF.27 variant, by which time the aircraft was already obsolete. Nevertheless, the performance of the HF.20 made it adequate for use on secondary fronts.

The Dutch Army Aviation Group (Luchtvaartafdeeling or LVA) ordered three Farman HF.20 machines from France,
which arrived in September 1913 on the military flying field of Soesterberg. Codes were LA-2, LA-3 and LA-4.
The LA-2 crashed in September 1915, LA-3 crashed in July 1917 on the Soesterberg flying field.
The LA-4 remained without a loss till 1919 and was then scrapped.
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