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#277 Bank Austria (Am Hof) - Vienna (Austria)

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The "Bank Austria" (Am Hof 2) was originally the headquarters of the Länderbank (State Bank) and served previously as the headquarters for the Niederösterreichische Escompte-Gesellschaft (Lower Austrian Escompte Company). Its one of the first classical reinforced concrete buildings in Vienna. Built in 1913-1915 the Bank building was designed by the architects Ernst Gotthilf and Alexander Neumann, which has a remarkable cashiers' hall and director's floor, and is protected as a historic monument. There are reliefs of Gutenberg, Columbus, Alessandro Volta
and Josef Ressel, as well as a plaque for Henry Dunant on the façade.

In the summer of 2008 it was sold and converted into a luxury hotel (Park Hyatt). On 18 November 2011 there was a major fire during construction work, in which two major areas of the building felled victim to the fire; the historic ballroom on the first floor was completely destroyed and the banking hall on ground-level was serious damaged. The Park Hyatt hotel should re-open their doors in the summer of 2014.